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Custom Game • Tier 3

Do you have what it takes to bounce the ball like a pro? Put your skills to the test with Pepsi and see how many Pepsi cans you can collect. But beware, one misstep could lead to being blocked! The goal of this campaign was to find the top players who will win a trip to Turkey for the Champions League final!


Quiz • Tier 1

What’s the best way to make people excited about your product? Let them win it for free! This is exactly what Nokia did, after successfully answering 5 questions, you could sign up for a contest and have a chance of winning a brand new Nokia Smartphone! Easy, straight-forward, but most importantly – engaging!


Game catch'em all • Tier 2

Actimel’s consumers are young so cooperating with Minions on a product relaunch was a great idea, but creating a game out of it was even a better idea! Idea was simple – gather as many Actimel bottles as possible and sign up for a contest. Having a receipt was required to claim the prize, which means that parents had to buy the product. Win-win!


Photo Upload • Tier 2

Piccolo is an indispensable element of children's parties, who enjoys expressing themselves on Social Media? That’s right – the same children that love Piccolo! Based on this insight, we helped the brand create a photo editor experience, during which their consumers could easily add branded elements to their party photos, save and download these images and sign-up for a contest with prizes everyone loved.

Chessington World of Adventures Resort

Custom • Tier 3

Embark on an epic adventure in the world's first Jumanji themed land in Chessington World of Adventures Resort! Dodge obstacles, earn points, and outrun the menacing Mandriels. Use your arrow keys or swipe the screen to escape. How far can you go before it's game over? Enter the World of Jumanji and find out!


Puzzle • Tier 2

Puzzle, what a pure and simple game, which delivers fun to users. With our game, we demonstrate a clean world by using Vaillant's innovative heating system vs. a dirty world with smog. The client, wanting to increase customer engagement and spread his message, decided to run a contest with an open-question task. To encourage people to choose more environmentally friendly options, the main prize was a city scooter- isn't that a fantastic award?!


Custom • Tier 3

Stack 'em up and knock 'em down! Compete to top the leaderboard in Stack-em, the thrilling tile-matching puzzle game. Race against the clock to clear lines of falling blocks before they reach the limit. The stakes get higher as the speed increases, but we know you've got what it takes to rise to the top. Ready to put your skills to the test? Answer the competition question and claim your victory!

key benefits

deploy & boost everywhere

turn your Post Sticker into a social media post, embed it on your website or launch it as google banner, possibilities are endless.

track & analyze

watch the reach of your campaign grow click by click with both internal and external (e.g. Google Analytics) data going straight to your CRM

customize & engage

each Post Sticker is tailored-made and designed to engage audiences on all devices and platforms

High engagement = high conversion

well-targeted campaigns achieve as high as 35% conversion rate!

latest conversion rates

Based on 15 applications developed by Post Sticker team.


103 632

Total views


33 000

Unique emails/user data


6 212



LeadGen rate


Share rate



Desktop - 7,37%

Mobile - 92,63%


tier 1


  • Quizzes
  • Personality tests
  • Lead-gen apps
  • Surveys

tier 2


  • Games
  • Photo upload apps
  • Photo editors

tier 3

Contact sales

  • Video upload apps
  • Video editors
  • Custom Ideas

10-20% off in case of design provided by the client!


10-20% off in case of design provided by the client!


10-20% off in case of design provided by the client!


10-20% off in case of design provided by the client!

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Standard development takes between 3 and 10 working days and custom ideas can take up to 20 working days.

You can run your campaign as long as you want.

Yes, we take care of the design for most of our clients and it’s already included in the price. In case you would prefer to take on the design yourself, the price will drop by 10-20%.

Post Stickers are distributed as URLs, which means you can boost them on every social media platform, connect them to a Google-banner campaign or include them in your mailing.

You can publish a Post Sticker on all social platforms – e.g. on your Facebook Newsfeed, Instagram Story or Twitter Feed – and you can also embed it on the client’s website or include it in a newsletter campaign.

Yes, they work across all devices, both mobile and desktop, no matter the resolution or model.

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No, all promotional activities are handled on the clients’/agencies’ side and are not a part of the price.

We can develop our apps in any language you need, or create multilingual app

25-35% of users get to the final screen of the experience, full conversions here

Yes, we can edit the app in terms of design and mechanics even when the app is live

Yes, we can close the app and inform people that the contest is over at any moment

Yes, we can have various newsletter/privacy policy checkboxes, we can also sign a data processing agreement with you

Yes, if we are granted API access, we can send the data straight to your CRM

Yes, we can launch various instances of the same app, all instances will be distributed evenly


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