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Embrace the magic of the holiday season with our exclusive Christmas promotion! Designed to elevate the marketing efforts of your brand, our Christmas offer is here to make your digital dreams come true. Select from a variety of customizable options to meet your objectives, from engaging users, all the way to strengthening brand loyalty and gathering leads. This Christmas, let our interactive apps be your ultimate gift for your customers…


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“Get Festive with Your Photos!”

Give users the chance to transform their photos into a Christmas wonderland! Add filters, accessories, and other holiday decorations to their pictures, and let creativity shine. Host a contest for the most interesting photo and watch the holiday spirit sweep everyone off their feet in the photo gallery!

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“Which Holiday Vibe Fits You Best?”

Discover what kind of person your user is and tailor your promotion to their taste. Pair the perfect promo code with their taste, or simply guide users to find the Christmas spirit. Looking to generate more organic traffic? Encourage users to share or download their test results and inspire their friends to participate.

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“How to Find the Perfect Gift?”

Create a test to discover which of your products suits the user best! How to make it more engaging? Present the result in 3D!
Just a few questions are enough to match the user with a perfect gift for them. Tell them why this particular item is the best fit, provide a 3D preview, and add a direct link to the product page. Don't make users search for your products - show them!

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“It’s time for Holiday fun!”

Show your Christmas products in our easy game, where players snatch falling products from above, trying to score big. Turn it into an open-test contest or a coupon give-away and your Christmas campaign is ready! Want to sprinkle some holiday magic? It's a breeze – start giving out gifts!