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Custom Game

"Prove yourself with the ultimate Pepsi Soccer Challenge” vs Elevate your prowess through the supreme Pepsi Soccer Challenge

How to play:

Are you equipped to master the art of ball-bouncing finesse? Embark on a thrilling journey with Pepsi, where your agility reigns supreme in collecting the coveted Pepsi cans. Yet tread carefully, for a single misstep marks the end of this exhilarating game!

Before starting the game, select the appropriate language ( ENGLISH OR ARABIC). Next, click the "START" button and complete the fields with your personal data. Also, make sure to accept the mandatory terms and conditions. After completing the above steps, press the "NEXT" button in order to start the game. Press the mouse button accordingly to keep the ball soaring up. When the game is over, you can check your score in comparison with other players by clicking the "LEADERBOARD" or try your luck again by clicking the "PLAY AGAIN" button.